Bylaws Committee

The bylaws are the rules which underpin the association. When there is a need to review and revisit the bylaws changes for the betterment of the association, the bylaws committee prepares the proposed bylaws changes that are voted upon by the membership.

Members: Scott Case, Michelle Mejia

Education Committee

The education committee is in charge of finding speakers and presenters who can speak at IACAC luncheons or evening events.

Members: Olya Lebedyeva

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee handles the annual process of creating the scholarship application and essay questions, reviewing responses and selecting the winner(s) of the annual IACAC Scholarship. The committee also communicates with local universities where there are endowed IACAC scholarships that are awarded annually.

Members: Olya Lebedyeva

Website/Marketing Committee

This committee is in charge of both managing the IACAC website and social media channels as well as promotion of all IACAC events. The website responsibilities include membership and renewals, posting upcoming educational and social events and monitoring attendance. The marketing piece involves promoting events through social media channels or around the airport through partner associations and others.

Members: Scott Case

Golf Committee

This golf committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the annual IACAC Golf Outing including setting prices, registration, managing communication with the course and sponsors. The committee is also responsible for securing donated raffle items for the luncheon after the outing.

Members: Brian Bartolotta, Scott Case, Chuck Menini

Social Committee

The social committee is in charge of planning networking events outside of the luncheons or dinner events where we feature a speaker and topic. Networking events can include outings to sporting events or concerts, our annual March Madness / St. Patrick's Day gathering and more.

Members: Brian Bartolotta, Scott Case, Therese O'Sullivan, Pamela DeSalvo

Membership Committee

The lifeblood of any successful organization, this committee is in charge of our membership acquisition and retention. They work with the website and marketing committee as well as the whole board to bring on members and to ensure that they renew every year.

Members: Pamela DeSalvo, Scott Case

Welfare Committee

While our association can have both individual and corporate members, it is the people who make it what it is. With over sixty years of association history, we have had many people serve on our board or who have been in the industry for a long time. This committee stays in touch with members of our community who are sick or have passed on. Responsibilities include sending cards or other gift items to individuals or families.

Members: Chuck Menini, Scott Case

Political Action Committee

The IACAC and our members require infrastructure that meets the needs of our members to move air cargo into and out of Chicago. This infrastructure can be in the form of roadways, rights-of-way and on-airport and near-airport capital investments. The goal of this committee is to remain in touch with the legislators at the city, state and federal level and when an issue arises that warrants our communicating and sharing our position, we make contact.

Members: Scott Case